Thursday, September 29, 2011


So, here's the thing. I... I didn't just spend the last two months doing amazing summery things and cute small-town photo-oppable things. If you want to know the god's honest truth I was mostly (deep breath) watching tv.

There, I said it.  I watch television! All the time! I love the teevee. Love. It. And not even just, like, PBS and the History Channel (although I adore Antiques Roadshow). No, I wallowed -- and continue to wallow -- in the dregs of television programming. Well, not quite the dregs. The liquid above the dregs. The backwash, basically. And I don't even mean while folding laundry, which, honestly, HAS to be the reason television was invented. No, no. All summer I'd finish doing all the cute fun stuff I'd been doing all day, and think about posting about it and then turn on the tv, and... Zzzzzz. Brain death. And now it's fall, so I don't even need to watch reruns of America's Next Top Model or Firefly (best show EVER) or see Master and Commander for the (conservative estimate) fifteenth time. There's brand new stuff to see! Yay September!*

But that's not all. When I'm not enjoying the backwash of our culture, and frequently while I'm indulging in it, I am lost in the world of Pinterest. You guys know Pinterest, right? It's like your own personal Internet's Greatest Hits. If you could make a mix tape of the Internet, this is what it would be. You know all that stuff you bookmark to come back to and instantly forget? On Pinterest you can SEE that thing that caught your eye in the first place. And -- and this is the real time-suck element -- you can see other people's pins (that's what you call the stuff you put up on Pinterest, pins; they're just pictures of what you'd otherwise be bookmarking and forgetting). It is awesome. You're welcome.

So there. Now you know the truth. If it weren't for the Internet and the teevee I'd probably have solved the fiscal crisis and maybe brought about world peace. I'll get right on that.

* Yay September, except for one thing. Downton Abbey. You all probably already know all about it and have seen bootleg copies of the new episodes from the UK, but I didn't catch up with it until maybe two weeks ago, and then only because I thought the second season was about to start but moments after I finished the last episode I learned that Season Two doesn't begin until JANUARY. The pain! Good grief. Thank god I have Ringer to fill the void.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Carrying On

So, hey. I'm going to just type away here as if I hadn't been MIA for two months. Things I didn't write down (but mentally composed posts about) include, but are not limited to: swimming, vacation in Maine, swimming, my cousin's wedding, swimming, trips to the creemee stand, trips to Cape Cod, swimming, berry picking, and swimming. Oh, and Sarah taught herself to swim. I may have mentioned that.

And then fall came, and all of a sudden: KINDERGARTEN. Best thing ever, kindergarten. Sarah loves it, I love that she loves it, and she's in a class with one of her BFFs, which we all love.

But you know what the best thing about this new kindergarten gig is?

Fresh rolls. Every day on our way home from school, we walk past a bakery that makes five cent rolls for the kids. For real! Five cents! Who does that any more? The bakery here in Pleasantville, that's who. The kids walk in each clutching a nickel in their sweaty, sticky little fists and emerge with fresh bread. It's adorable. I live in a Norman Rockwell painting.