Thursday, June 16, 2011

Talk Me Down

I'm freaking out. No one will care about this except me, my immediate family, and people who can see our property, but we are painting the house and garage/barn. The guys finished prepping the barn and got the first coat of paint on today. And it's red.

O. M. G.

That's... that's a lot of red. 

Okay, so a big change is hard to adjust to. And this is just the first coat. And it was still wet when I saw it, and and and...

And holy crap, it's crazy-red, right? It's like stop-sign red. Fire engine red. Harlot fingernail red. MY BARN IS A HARLOT OH MY GOD.

Very fortunately, I have a neighbor whose house is non-harlot red, and she still has the paint color. If I wake in the morning to discover that my barn is still as red as a baboon's behind, I can do something about it. But holy cow, people. 

It's one thing to make a mistake with your dining room color, but painting your barn to look like streetwalker headquarters is an error on practically a global scale. You can see the damn thing from space. If you look us up on Google Earth, that'll be us pulsing away in the center of Vermont.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Looks like someone forgot to post anything in... good god, can that be right?

Let's see. In the last three weeks (sorry), I've escaped a flood, gone on vacation, planted part of a garden, shnoogled (that's a technical term there, folks) my two adorable nephews, suffered through ridiculous-for-Vermont heat, complained through unremarkable-for-Vermont chilliness, visited a dear friend in the hospital AND welcomed her back home again, and done lots and lots and lots of laundry.

Also, Instagram continues to rock my world:

(Thank you to MiHae for taking this awesome photo of Sarah!)
Did I miss anything?