Friday, August 20, 2010

More Driving By

Okay, okay. I keep meaning to post more, but summer, man. It has a way of eating up the time. Even when I'm not doing anything. Which I mostly haven't.

Let's see. Lately, I have:

1) Started yet another flower garden; which meant I

2) Relocated the hound so he wouldn't trample the new flowers; which ended up with us

3) Endlessly cleaning up dog effluvia indoors, because the hound is so neurotic he can't just poop in a new spot. Oh, no. He waits until he's going to burst, and the bursts INDOORS. THANK YOU, DOG.

4) Also, we have eaten enough cucumbers out of the pathetic veggie garden that I'm thisclose to being sick of them. We have also eaten one zucchini and two cherry tomatoes. I just... I don't know about this whole vegetable thing.

5) Finally, I furiously cleaned and laundered and packed so that Sarah and I could head out today for the UP. That's Michigan, for the uninitiated. I fully intend to play too much euchre, eat too many Cornish pasties, and while away the afternoons looking for agate and tourmaline and bits of copper at the beach.

I'll be offline until our return next week and will have a legitimate excuse for not posting until then. Toodles, my friends!


Cindy said...

Enjoy! Enjoy! I hope you also eat some pie. I found the homemade pie in the UP to be particularly yum.

mommatosena said...

Never been to the UP but should as the family lineage hails from that area. It's now on the list as I lurv pie! As for summer eating time; that just tells me that you are enjoying it and when we live in these parts it's particularly important. Sorry about the dog and his passion for effluviating indoors (new fave word need to check usage). As for the garden. New gardens tend to have a bit of a slow start. You will find that next year will be a bit better so hang in there. Pickling isn't hard and not too terribly time consuming. Hope you enjoyed your whiling and found some beach booty.