Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Looks like someone forgot to post anything in... good god, can that be right?

Let's see. In the last three weeks (sorry), I've escaped a flood, gone on vacation, planted part of a garden, shnoogled (that's a technical term there, folks) my two adorable nephews, suffered through ridiculous-for-Vermont heat, complained through unremarkable-for-Vermont chilliness, visited a dear friend in the hospital AND welcomed her back home again, and done lots and lots and lots of laundry.

Also, Instagram continues to rock my world:

(Thank you to MiHae for taking this awesome photo of Sarah!)
Did I miss anything?


Anonymous said...

Finally. And love the picture!

mommatosena said...

Yeah so your busy with life! No excuses you need to at least just put a pic up here and there so we don't starve! Glad your friend is home and seriously get ya on the weather! Sarah has a personality that comes through in her pics! Thanks for continuing to share!

Cindy said...

Missed you!! In more ways than one!

Sorry we didn't get up your way while in Southern Vermont. :(

But I did have a Maple Cremee, and it was fabulous!!

Now we're in PEI and kind of digging the 53 degree weather! Couple of Floridians sporting their winter clothes and feeling like we've played a giant trick on the guy with the heater!

Still hoping to get to your neck of the woods before this summer is over!


AG Ambroult said...

That picture is awesome. I'm pretty much blogging once every two weeks these days myself, so i see nothing wrong with your hiatus. (but i will admit to stopping by a few times wishing you had written so i could get a chuckle or two)