Saturday, April 3, 2010


I spent Thursday night packing, planning, doing last-minute laundry, gathering life-saving distractions and new toys and books. ROAD TRIP! Easter with my Grandma Dot (93 and fabulous) and my mom and my sister's family and it was gonna be great.

And then I woke up on Friday. Hmm, it's 8 am. That's an entire hour later than usual, kid. Whassup?

Oh, I'll tell you whassup:

That would be my kid's foot. Her entire body was covered in a rash. What the wha? A kid in her school had had scarlet fever (I KNOW), she'd just finished a course of amoxicillin for an ear infection, it kinda looked like Fifth's minus the slapped cheek rash... So much for the road trip.

Off to the doctor's, where Sarah stumped the doctors with her unusual presentation. No one was overly concerned after she tested negative for strep, the best guess is that she had a late reaction to the antibiotics, so yay but... This couldn't have happened a day earlier? No? Fine.

Fortunately the weather has been gorgeous these last two days, so Sarah and I got some spring maintenance done.

Did I tell you we tried starting seeds? Behold, baby broccoli! And a good five days earlier than expected! The tomatoes, peppers and peas are all taking their time, but this is encouraging for a seed-starting newbie.

Sorry about the fuzzy focus. My phone does not always see what I think I see.

The silver lining of not getting to see Grandma Dot? The Easter egg hunt up at the park, where Sarah ran into half the kids from the neighborhood and school, and her bestie Maggie. After a heated chocolate hunt, cooling off in the (hopefully not too toxic) pond was the obvious next step.

After lunch and a nap (oh, you better believe my very nearly four year old is still napping), Sarah pulled out the sidewalk chalk to recap the morning's Main Event:

(Yes, she's using a stick as a pointer. That would be the German in her, I suspect.) Her recap: "This is where the Easter egg hunt was. These are the branches on the tree. This is where the children all were. All these dots are the eggs..."

The Easter basket, including the slightly-less wonky doll, has been EXTREMELY WELL HIDDEN behind a wicker chair on the porch with a trail of treat-laden plastic eggs showing the way. Let the games begin!


Cindy said...

Sorry about the rash (Scarlet Fever - good god, I thought that was a thing of the past!!!) and missing Easter with your Grandma.

I do love the pictures of sandaled and booted Sarah making the best of it - she is a precious girl!

I miss those sidewalk chalk stories. I have pictures somewhere of my daughter's "sidewalk buddies" - we traced their bodies and they would spend hours coloring themselves in!

Happy Easter Tia. Hope your day is beautiful!

mommatosena said...

Sorry for missing Grandma Dot. I second the Sarah is precious comment!! I love that our kids wear snow boots in the water. It has got to be a northern kid trend! Looks like bike is locked and loaded for the season and the sidewalkart, well words aren't enough!

Hope that you were given a bonus sleep in day and that you are all enjoying the goodies! Happy Easter to you all!