Monday, April 26, 2010

The Number of the Day

The number of the day, friends, is six.

Six, as in the number of continents Jane's story has reached. I just got a card from Brazil today. Brazil! South America represent!

Which means Jane has made it to every continent except Antarctica. How cool is that? I, shamefully, have only made it to two, and that includes North America.

And Washington, D.C., came in today. I think cards came in from the entire D.C. area, but not the capitol itself. Excellent.

I'll never make it to every single separate place a card came from, but wouldn't it be awesome to go to every country and every state or province? So that means I have five states, four provinces and, um, fourteen countries to go. I think. I'm sure about the US and Canada, but I am having the damnedest time keeping track of the other countries. Even when I look at the map. I have lost the ability to count on my fingers. Fifteen. It's fifteen. I'm not counting again; I'll just get another number.

Anyway, friends, THIS is exactly why the internet is so totally awesome. If anyone ever slags on it in my earshot, all I have to do is show them Jane's map. Internet for the win.


Cindy said...

Yes it is - the Internet IS awesome!!

What connections - and oh it would be great to see some kind of travelogue blogging!!

Jane was here ... and now YOU...wouldn't that be cool?

Cindy said...

Speaking of the Internet .... today is World Labyrinth Day and I walked this morning, thinking of you and Jane and the connections I've made.

Powerful stuff. Hope you have a good May Day.