Friday, November 5, 2010

New 'Do

So, I got a haircut today after I dropped Sarah off at school. When I picked her up after lunch, she said, "Mom, you look like you used to!" And for a second I thought she meant I was all getting my groove back or some such pseudo-personal-growth stuff. And then I realized what she actually meant. "You mean I look like I did last winter?" "Yeah!" Right. The last time I got my haircut. 

But then she later said, "You're the cutest little mom in the whole wide world I've ever seen with your new haircut!" and one of her besties, Bea, chimed in with "You look beauty-full!" (That's the way she pronounces it, which I think is a great improvement over the standard way.) That'll put a little bounce in your step, a little spring in your sprocket. I tell you, when four year olds aren't deliberately trying to DESTROY YOUR WORLD, they're the best people to have around ever.


Anonymous said...

post a pic of the new 'do!!!
and, i love the simplicity of the observation and the sweetness!
and, i too would first think about the more complex meaning...

Cindy said...

What? No pic of the new do?

tia said...

Oh, heck no. Suffice it to say it went from straggly and over my shoulder blades to less-straggly and to the tops of my shoulders.