Monday, October 25, 2010

The Goose Is Getting Fat

Gearing up, people. We are gearing UP.

So, Sarah's had this habit for pretty much her entire conscious life of planning up to an entire year ahead what she's going to be for Halloween. When she was two, she was a cowboy (NOT a cowgirl, by golly), and had decided on it a few months before. The next day she announced she was going to be a skunk when she was three. And she was! The very next day she announced she wanted to be a unicorn when she was four. That would be this year. And if you asked her, as many people did, what she wanted to be for Halloween as recently as the beginning of this month, she would reply, "A unicorn!" And what is in her bedroom? What has been hanging there since Christmas? That's right, a unicorn costume.

But then? Then my friend, my good friend Allison (hi, Allison!), gave me the Martha Stewart Halloween magazine which contained a picture of a little girl dressed up as a black kitty. Which, cute, but that can't compete with a unicorn, amirite? No, I am not. Because the girl was wearing face paint.

As soon as Sarah saw the picture, I mean that VERY SECOND, she yelled out, "I want to be a kitty and wear FACE PAINT!" Fortunately, the face paint was just a little triangle nose and simple whiskers. Also, we have kitty ears and tail in the dress-up box. We even have little black paws from the skunk costume. So, fine! Kitty it is!

Ah, but a mere week later, Sarah changed her mind yet again. Somehow, and this time I don't know where the inspiration came from, she conceived the idea of being a black FOX. Well, considering I had everything but the tail, no big, right? She stuck with it for a week, so I went out and bought some ridiculous black faux fur for the tail. I've been talking it up BIG this last week. Why? Because she's been making noises about maybe being... a bat. Sorry, sister. Ain't happening.

True to form, however, she's already planning next year's outfit. Yesterday she decided she was going to be a skunk again, having rejected her previous but classic idea of "ghost" as too scary for her friends and a butterfly not being scary enough. But then today, she started mulling over other options, like maybe a fox-bat. Apparently I birthed a costume designer.

It was time for a distraction. Decorating!

I know it's not much, but Sarah and I did it together, and I think it's just spooky enough. Also? I totally made the wreath. Look:


Now that I'm looking at it like this, it's kinda goofy. I like the crow, but those skulls... I'm going to have to mess with them tomorrow. I'm pretty sure there's a hot glue gun around here somewhere. Until then, don't get too close to it. And don't touch it. And don't slam the door. The whole thing is held together with straight pins. Yeah. So, just, don't breathe on it, okay?


Tom said...

you got some mad crafty skills!

Grace said...

Dude, that decoration is about a million times cooler than anything I could come up with.

I'm just crossing my fingers that on Sunday Peter still wants to be a clown ...

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't change a thing about that wreath! I love the way your whole front door looks....

Cindy said...

Looks great! Hope you all have fun!

I've bought a bunch of felting materials ... don't know what I'm going to make but you inspired me!

AG Ambroult said...

oh yeah, the hot glue gun will fix everything. Awesome wreath!
My girls do the same thing...decide a year in advance, and then change their mind the week before Halloween. My little one was going to be a honey-nut cheerio ALL YEAR, and switched to a gnome just last week. Thankfully a gnome costume is much easier then a cheerio.