Thursday, December 2, 2010

Something Is All Around

I couldn't get away from the holidays this year even if I wanted to.

Monday, Sarah and I were on our way home from feeding our friends' cat, and what did we see as we crossed the State House lawn?

Then came yesterday, Advent Day 1:

Today, Advent Day 2:
breakfast for dinner

And the capper? On our way home from running errands, we happened past the State House (again) just in time to watch the official lighting ceremony.

And the capper on the capper? Referenced by friends on Facebook like half a dozen times this week:

(How awesome is Bill Nighy, I ask you?)

Resistance is futile.


mommatosena said...

Seems to me that all those special special things may have been Heaven sent! It's going to be a glorious holiday season for you all! LOVED your advent calendar! When Tom said you had mad crafty skills he wasn't lyin'!!

Cindy said...

I love these kinds of synchronicities ... particularly the capper on the capper! :) That always, always makes me smile!