Monday, December 27, 2010

Things We Did

New England. You might have heard it's a little wintry around these parts lately.

Sarah stuck it out outdoors in the wind and snow for ten whole minutes before giving it up as a bad idea.

What to do now? She's four, we're stuck inside all day, the roads are too grody to drive on. So we:

Made an oil lamp

Swam indoors

Played dress up (aka "Fashion Closet")

(As fashion-y as that closet gets)

And made rainbows with a flashlight and a pitcher of water.
(Sarah taught me. You shine a light through water, you get rainbows!)

There was also some fort-making, paper-cutting, sick-doll-tending, and Wii yoga-ing. Her cousins better show up tomorrow. I am tapped.


Me? A Mom? said...

ah, i can relate. Great activities, by the way.

More ideas -- not that you asked(!):
-tear up old bread and throw it out the window for the birds.
- trace her body on taped up pieces of paper and draw in her organs. hee hee
- make a "gingerbread" house with graham crackers and a glue gun.
- blow bubbles in the bath tub.
- make a shadow wall with a sheet
- make salt dough and bake up some sculptures
- play with shaving cream and food coloring
- noodle art!

Cindy said...

Ideas I have used:

*Bath with bubbles and toys
*Dedicate a wall to draw on ... only during snow storms.
*Scrapbooking from magazines
*Sock puppets (clean socks of course)
*Peanut butter and birdseed food for the birds. Or strings of popped corn.
*Call Grandma on the phone. :)