Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Breaking News!

It has recently been brought to my attention that I am not the boss of the resident four year old and that I do not make the rules in this house. Imagine my surprise. My understanding is that, in fact, I AM the boss and I DO make the rules. I'm shocked to realize I've been laboring under such a major misconception for so long.


She's only four. FOUR. What am I going to do when she's fourteen and bigger than me?

I was a complete nightmare to my wonderful mother when I was a teenager. A nightmare. Just inexcusably rude all. the. time. (Seriously. Ask anyone.) Karma, dudes. I'm about to be flattened by that heavy wheel.

Oh, and for the record, Tom loves this. Couldn't be prouder. He's calling her Tommy Junior.

Someone send help.


rundeep said...

Four is worse than two. Twice the vocab, twice the intelligence, twice the atty-tude. But 13 and 14 so far, have been fine.

Michael said...

I had a couple come in my store one day with a 5 year old. Very fidgety while we talked, until finally mom asked her what's wrong.

"I'm exasperated."

All of could think was, oh man, this might be a bumpy road for these folks.

mommatosena said...

ok so I am not laughing at you just the state of affairs. When Sena was 3 I had sent her to her room and on the way down I heard her ask the Lord "what she had done to deserve these two; they are ruining my life and I can't take it". Max and I have made an arrangement. He is the lil' boss and I am the big boss and so he can only make the lil' decisions. He is almost 3 so that is a fair deal. Gotta love this game of molding small minds!

Cindy said...

Illusions of control - it is what keeps us sane during some of the peak moments.

(@rundeep -- I wish you well. 15 is simply the Worst. Year. Ever. Especially for girls.)

AG Ambroult said...

Oh yes indeed it's all coming around to bite us in the arse. You are not alone, sister.
Not to worry, Tia. There's always that corded wall kitchen phone we previously discussed.

Amber said...

LOL----well I have a near 3-year old and I am already getting afraid too! LOL! Wondering how girls will contrast with the 2 boys on the way........