Monday, February 21, 2011


So, I have this brother. Matt. He's my kid brother. There's only a little more than three years (and a sister) between us, making him 37, but he's still the baby, you know? The one who got spoiled protected a bit growing up, who still chafes under the ever-so-slightly overwhelming concern of the three of us women in the family. (We worry. You know how that goes.)

He's been on an amazing roll in the last two years, and suddenly, it turns out he's, like, an adult. And a business owner. And a husband, and a stepfather, and as of shortly after midnight last night, a father.


My little brother is a FATHER.

He has babies. Babies! Two! He and his wife had twin boys. Boys! The first on my side of the family (winning him the Grand Prize of giving a child our grandfather's name, which I believe every single one of us, all seven cousins, have at one point or another wanted to do).

He's become this completely new and amazing person over the last twenty-four months. I mean, he's always had these elements of his personality in play, different times in his life when he's shouldered responsibilities or taken on important roles in the lives of those he loves, but suddenly they've all come together and he's... he's a man.

And a father.

Congratulations, Matt. I love you. 

(Even if you don't read my blog. Neener neener neener!)


Cate said...

aw. congratulations!

Grace said...

Congratulations, Matt!

And wow, your mom had three kids in three years? Kudos to her for surviving the experience ...

mommatosena said...

Congrats to your brother! If I remember you are all near by to eachother as well so this means that Sarah gets to help with baby cousins! Fun for all of you! It's amazing that us younger siblings ever really grow up with all the "protection" provided!

Cindy said...

Oh that's wonderful!

I also have a kid brother named Matt! And he turned out to be an amazing grown man too!

He has three girls ... this weekend I drive down to Miami to hang with them, and I am excited about that!

Sounds like you've got a really wonderful family! :)

Now, about those peppermint patties, can you send me some?

AG Ambroult said...

sniff sniff. he's all grown up now. Just look at him...

Congrats to him, his wife, and your entire family!