Wednesday, May 18, 2011


I don't know what's going on where you all live, but it is totally spring here. To wit:

Also, I finally started to start to get the would-be vegetable patch in shape, and found these:

It's harvest time, baby! Some of those are almost two inches long. Carrots for everyone!

To be honest, I had sort of mentally written off gardening this year. The effort just didn't seem worth it, especially with the veggies. And someone around here may or may not have said disparaging things about said vegetable patch and it's, ahem, "organization". And it just might be the case that that person didn't actually utilize the produce produced. And I might have said some, you know, words about that.

But then I saw that the garlic I planted last fall on a whim was actually coming up. And the strawberries an awesome neighbor gave me were actually growing. And then I sort of found myself pulling a weed from time to time. Before I knew it I was out in the drizzle with a rake, reforming the beds and pulling more weeds and planting peas and kale and buying scallion and shallot starts and it looks like there may be another garden this year after all.

But don't tell anyone. I'm trying to garden without expectations this year.


mommatosena said...

Always garden without expectation it's just about the joy of what you do get. The Earth has a way of calling you in the spring and it's hard to resist. Love the pics! thanks for sharing.

Grace said...

Yay for vegetables!!

Cindy said...

I have a BWO thingie on my blog ... "Blogging Without Obligation" and it has become my mantra for life. :)

Yes, garden away!!

We ate potatoes from our garden last night ... and the most delicious tomatoes (only little ones, though) that I've ever tasted.

And Basil.

We have some gorgeous, luscious stuff growing .... what's not to love.

Your pictures are delightful, and I've finally got my Google-glitch resolved so I can comment again - yay me! :)