Thursday, May 5, 2011

Update, With An Update

I've been terribly remiss lately in keeping up. But last week, I had a perfectly good excuse.

Train ride! A long one! 

Did you know train stations still have information boards that update by flipping each section? They do! I've only seen that in the movies. It was totally cool. I was already so excited by our trip and this was only the New Haven train station.

Anyway, I have a zillion photos, and I fully intend to post them. Like, maybe even tonight.

But until I do, we have breaking news:

This? Is not Mister Arnold Pickles. Turns out this is Theobald, aka Tibby. We're pretty sure this name is sticking. For at least this week, anyway.


Cindy said...

Tibby is adorable!! And how exciting to go on a train ride - I still get a bit of a thrill.

New Haven trains go right into Grand Central Station! Big City calling?

Grace said...

Awww, Theobald!! Too cute!

And I thought I recognized that picture! I totally sat and stared at that sign for a couple of hours at various points last week. Bummer that we couldn't have a train station f2f (or that you couldn't go visit my mom 2 miles from the station between trains!).

The flipping-letters sign is going to be replaced soon in New Haven, sadly. But Philly still has one too!!

AG Ambroult said...

i still like violet polkadot...