Monday, May 10, 2010

The Number of the Day

is 100. Look to the right!

Hello, friend 100! (And hello, friends 1 through 99!) Welcome!

It's so weird and cool that anyone not related to me is interested in this meandering, messy story. Thanks for reading along, everyone. I'm perfectly okay with yelling into the void, but it's awfully reassuring to know that someone is listening.

Holy cow. I'm praying to the internets.


Cindy said...

And so it grows!!

What a world, eh?

Rowena said...

Everyone's story is meandering and messy, and perhaps that is why we read yours.

mommatosena said...

Just glad that you are still sharing your meandering thoughts; it takes courage to expose yourself and I appreciate your courage.

Glad that you had a lovely Mother's Day with snow and all.