Thursday, May 20, 2010

Unintentional Activity

So, I sort of went and walked 5.2 miles today, 2.6 of it while pushing a 37 pound kid. See, I kind of promised Sarah that the next time it was nice out I'd take her in the stroller to school. Which is a 1.3 mile trip each way. And it was beautiful in the morning with a chance of rain in the afternoon, but then the afternoon was gorgeous, too, and suddenly the day ended with my having walked twice as far as I've managed since... hmm... the '90s? And I'm feeling oddly okay. Which means there will be hell to pay tomorrow, I assume.

Also, I did this a couple days ago:

There are plants in them thar beds! Not much to look at now, but trust me, in three years? Lush perennial fabulousity.

But I'm a gardening lightweight compared to my kid brother. Want to see what he's working on? 

That's all going to be vegetables. There are additional smaller beds that you can't see in this photo, plus an enormous pumpkin/gourd patch a few yards off. I helped do some seed sowing. I better get a jar of dilly beans or cornichons out of it at pickling time.

Mom, you're welcome.


Laura said...

I have garden envy. My veg patch is small and somewhat meager...I love the site of well prepared soil..:)

Cindy said...

So awesome!! Love the beds, love the walking in spite of yourself, love the garden of your brother.

My vegetable garden is about to take off with amazing amounts of cukes and squash and beans and tomatoes!

We even have some Elephant Garlic that is almost ready! YUM!

I do not have a green thumb, but there is something about getting my hands dirty that makes me think otherwise.


AG Ambroult said...

now THAT'S a garden. oh, to dream...
"perennial fabulousity" is a term I'd like to start using, if you don't mind.

mommatosena said...

Celebrating perennial fabulosity!! You have been so busy with the hand work and the garden work! I ache just taking it all in! Glad that you are finding your stride even if unintentional! Seems that is the best way to do things sometimes; no intention and just in the moment.

Grace said...

Now those are some yummy-looking gardens, in several senses. And yay for walking!

Anonymous said...

Tia, thank you my wonderful daughter.