Monday, May 24, 2010

Wait -- Summertime? What?

Hey, remember that little hoop thingy? I finished it!

I'm pretty happy with most of it, but the stems aren't quite what I hoped. That wonky middle one in particular is pretty lame -- and it's the third one I did. I have no excuse. Also, the colors are still off in the photo (I tried to get a more accurate shot, I swear). The thing the hoop is resting on is white, not peachy pink, so just imagine it all a shade paler on the paint swatch. But still, cute.

In the meantime, out in the world summer unexpectedly descended on us today. Here's what Sarah and I did with our day:

First order of business: obtain and set up sprinkler.

Mid-afternoon creemee and popsicle break (for you flatlanders out there, creemees are the frozen confection known as "soft serve" in points south):

And for the grand pre-dinner finale:

Slip 'n' slide! Woo hoo!

Tomorrow's supposed to see temps in the 90s -- obviously the perfect time for me FINALLY to dig the vegetable beds. At least now I have a sprinkler I can turn on when the heatstroke hits.


AG Ambroult said...

I'm imaging you digging veggie beds in the heat today, and it doesn't look pretty.
The embroidery thing is awesome.
You mentioned you loved seeing hanging laundry...I know just the things for you. One of my fav blogs is doing a "Wash Wednesday" series. Check her out every Wednesday. such beautiful laundry pics. (does this make me a geek?)

Cindy said...

90 Degress! In Vermont in May! OMG!

I'm all the way up into Philly looking for some cool breezes!! YIKES! (It was 86 here today)

Love the photos ... the embroidery is adorable, and I kind of like it all pink-ish. I have been told I look at things with rose-colored glasses etc....but still.

Fun times ahead with the slip and slide set up!

tia said...

Ooh, Amy, I love it! And if you're a geek, you're totally my kind of geek.

Also, the gardening? Didn't happen. I just... I couldn't. Ugh. Maybe in a couple of days.

Micmacker said...

I love the hoop! Let's set up the first crafty/sewing night soon.