Sunday, October 3, 2010


Today's yardwork lead us to some discoveries.

Broccoli going to flower is gorgeous -- just as pretty as sedum or my beloved hydrangeas.

Raking leaves is the Best Chore Ever! Especially if there's a kid involved.

It's never too late in the year to enjoy a Creamsicle.


mommatosena said...

Taking in Fall to its fullest! With a little splash of summer! Glad that the yardwork has been pleasent! That is a load of leaves ya got there! Will they become some kind of spooky decoration before the Hallow holiday??

AG Ambroult said...

something tells me that a flowing head of broccoli in a vase just wouldn't smell quite right.

Anonymous said...

The broccoli picture is worthy of a page in a book or magazine! Ever consider photography as more than a hobby? Because you have posted many wonderful photos througout the life of this blog...keep them coming!

tia said...

That's awfully nice of you, Anon. I would like a better camera someday -- every photo I've posted has been from my iPhone.

Amy, I don't know how the broccoli would smell in a vase, but I was very briefly tempted by the thought of flowering broccoli in the perennial beds. (I got over it pretty quickly.)

Cindy said...

I've really enjoyed some of my veggies that went "to seed" ... the flowers are beautiful and the bees seem to love them.

Right now I have two giant millet plants that sprung up from some wayward birdseed. The cardinals are having a ball with them!