Wednesday, September 29, 2010

All Righty, Then!

Let's bump the depressing crap down the page a bit, shall we?

When I'm not feeling cranky about other people's good luck (there's got to be a German word for anti-Schadenfreude; Freudenschade?), I've been getting my hand back into making stuff a bit:

Our fairy house in the neighborhood park

(I left the chocolate chips out, not from any misguided notions of health, 
but because I tragically didn't have them on hand)

A hat for Sarah 
(please let it be big enough; please let me have enough yarn)

(that would be the sound of a needle scratching off a record, dontcha know)

Oh, damn. The green tomatoes. So I had all these visions of making pickled green tomatoes, right? Or maybe chutney, or tomatillo-esque salsa verde, or relish. But, um, I didn't use the tomatoes the day I picked 'em, and the next morning... white moldiness everywhere. Dang it.

Anyway! So! Soldiering on!

Oh, here's a little Public Service Announcement for you all. A great antidote to general blechiness? KITCHEN DANCE PARTY. How could I have forgotten? Let me tell you, dudes: the Go-Go's, The Wiz soundtrack, Beyonce, Blur, Fugazi... puh-lease. I defy you to mope with those beats bumping. I sure couldn't, not with a pigtailed four year old easin' on down the road behind me.


mommatosena said...

OMG!! Easin' on down the road and Wiz! FLASHBACK!! Surely can't mope while those notes are playing! Love the fairy house. Sorry about the tomatoes. I confess to 'mistakenly' leaving some in the sun to bake thus rendering them useless except for kids garden cooking. Hoping for enough yearn to cover Sarah's head but I confess to thinking there is going to be another color added before completion! Hoping I am wrong!!

Grace said...

"Freudenschade" sounds both appropriate and grammatically correct to me ...

AG Ambroult said...

cute fairy house! No chocolate chips = tragedy in the truest sense. I am currently knitting a sweater that was originally intended for me, but will now go to my 6-year-old daughter. I dunno...the gauge was right...I am stumped.