Saturday, January 1, 2011


It's about time that damn year ended. I mean, Happy New Year everyone!

I'm not much of one for resolutions. I'm lazy. Fundamentally, basically, unshakably lazy. I am terrible at breaking old habits, and no better at establishing new/better ones.

BUT. I am determined to get some stuff done around here. This place is awash in useless, broken, outgrown, underused, redundant crap. We can't find the stuff we actually need because it's so entirely buried by the stuff we don't. So. SO. I intend to pick up where I left off (in September. Ahem).

Today: kitchen junk drawer and my and Tom's closet: DONE. HA. Take out menus and appliance manuals: clipped together. Batteries and allen wrenches and screws: in their proper places with the tool kit. Old clothes and tote bags: bundled and ready for donation. YES.

I don't have any expectation that I'll be able to strip down the entire house to some sort of minimalist fantasy. There are the books, for starters. Have I told you guys about the book situation here? I have an... appreciation for books. It's. Well. Anyway, the books stay. I weeded them when we moved into this house three years ago, and that's just going to have to do. As for the rest of it, I just want to tackle one area, one thing, at a time until I feel like I've reasserted control over the stuff of our lives. Just one dresser top here, one counter there, and maybe, maybe the mountain will turn out to be covering a molehill after all.

(If I did make resolutions, I'd want to be more active, eat better, bake more, be more deliberate in my decisions, and spend less time on the computer when I'm supposed to be spending time with Sarah. But, hey, why burden myself with crazy self-imposed expectations? Aim low, I say.)

(The cousins did come, by the way. Sarah enjoyed three glorious days with her beloved Molly and Tess, and I may even post pictures of the holidays before the year has lost its new car smell.)


mommatosena said...

Tia was a saving grace for me! The books can stay and you could prolly make some really cool coffee or end table with them and a glass top. Happy New Year to you all! May it bring your wishes!

AG Ambroult said...

um, yeah. good riddance 2010.
If I was to make resolutions mine would be much the same as yours. But, if we spent less time on the computer when we're supposed to be with our kids, how can we be expected to maintain our blogging relationships?
(with total strangers, I might add)