Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Chipping Away

Another space conquered!

This is the closet under the stairs in all its "before" glory. That Diaper Genie floating in the middle? Hasn't been used in nearly three years. And yet there it is, front and center. Do they even make the inserts anymore?

Twenty minutes later:

Ta-da! Seriously, it only took twenty minutes to do, even with Sarah's, ahem, help. I've had that wire shelf for at least six months. What was I waiting for?

Bonus close-up of the shelf I installed ALL BY MYSELF SO THERE:

I screwed six hooks into the drywall under and beside the shelf for all the wrapping stuff that lives in the closet, and now the floor is clear, and there's more room for storage above.

Someday I want this closet to be like the phone/game closet in The Family Stone. (Do you know what I'm talking about? The little room where Claire Danes's character was on the phone with the bus line and the engagement ring finally dropped off her finger? What, you don't all have this movie committed to memory?) Five minutes of exhaustive searching on the intertubes only gets me this photo; you'll have to trust me that it's a sweet little room.

But for now, YAY ME.


Cate said...

twenty minutes???? holy moly. you rock.

just the fact that you have this room makes me want to come over and play hide and seek.

Sue said...

Me too!

How'd you put up the shelf? And where'd all the stuff go?

Cindy said...

Nice! I'm getting a little intimidated by my admiration for you! And, I'm going to take a nap. :)

AG Ambroult said...

indeed you need that room from the family stone. Or maybe not, because you know, Sarah's not getting any younger and do we really want to provide private places to talk on the phone? I think not. I am scheming the return of the corded KITCHEN wall telephone to make my girls' teen years as painful as my own. mwaaa ha ha ha

tia said...

Ooh, corded phone! I like the way you think, Amy! And yes, it absolutely HAS to be in the kitchen.

I would put a landline back in just to be able to use this phone:

AG Ambroult said...

yep, she's a beaut. and the phone MUST be red, like the one in the picture.