Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I Apologize In Advance

So, our friend just got back from St. Croix (don't even get me started). You know how people bring home, like, frames made from shells and tacky beach hats and, I don't know, contraband cigars and stuff when they go away for an island vacation? Bill brought home puppies. His family found a litter of six, and the shelter on the island only had room for four. Today, they were in my house. With me. And my kid. For six hours.

Puppies. Puppies looking for a home.

I'm such a sucker for a mutt. Look at those little faces! They're tiny little things, only ten weeks old, but so sweet and already well on their way to being house-trained. 

Sarah was completely smitten. Me? What?

Do me a favor, people. Adopt these dogs before I do something stupid.


Sue said...

Any reason you shouldn't go ahead and be stupid?

Cindy said...

Adorable!! Just in time for spring!!

Rowena said...

Oh they're so cute and they look so nervous. Poor little anxious puppies. I know a lot of people who are getting puppies right now, but I'm sticking to my cat, until the boy is old enough to be responsible for his own puppy.

Sue said...

They look just like the stray dogs I saw in Aruba last year.


So cute!


Cindy said...

Those ears! I love those big, floppy ears!

tia said...

Wow, Sue. Those Aruba pups really are so much like what these two will be in just a couple of months! Super cute!

And I'm trying not to be stupid because we already have one dog we don't do enough for. If we didn't have old Blue, I'm afraid there would be puppies frolicking at my feet at this very moment.

Sarah was asking tonight if the puppies could come over again. Oh, boy. It may be a long struggle to keep these two from having a permanent playdate with us.

mommatosena said...

So cute and you should start training them now to catch mice. They will be a great asset to the family! They couldn't get any luckier than having Sarah as their kid! GL keeping them out of the house!

AG Ambroult said...

Oh boy. I am dying to see how this turns out.

thecoffeebreak said...

Oh they are soooo adorable :))