Sunday, March 6, 2011


We're making some changes around here, and I'm pleased (and relieved, and maybe just a teensy bit sad) to say they do not involve canines. No, the puppies found homes elsewhere (although the rest of the litter in St. Croix is available, and I have contact information for the shelter if anyone's interested in taking in some sweet, smart puppies).

No, the changes are in our kitchen. Color! Lights! Um, color!

The walls here have just gotten their first coat. (I can take credit only for choosing the color; Tom was determined to have someone else do the work, but I honestly have no idea why. Could it be he has... issues with my painting skills? Hmmm.) Anyway, I made a radical choice and went for yellow. Yes, yes, we're living on the edge here.

The new color is there on the left, the old color (which was on both the walls and ceiling) on the right. Continuing with the theme of wild and crazy, I grabbed a gallon of "white ceiling paint" for the ceiling. It was right there on the label. I couldn't mess up. 

Our kitchen only had two fixtures, both by the back wall, so I found these babies to replace them plus two more for over the island. Pretty handsome, I thought. And the idea of those old-fashioned light bulbs with the exposed filaments was appealing.

Appealing right up until the moment we turned them on. Turns out that back in the day, everything was bathed in an orange-y golden light. A dim, sleepy kind of golden light. An expensively dim, sleepy golden light. 

We finally realized that these were meant for accent lighting in one of them fancy kitchens with recessed lighting in the ceiling to supply the bulk of the light. Oops.

I still like 'em. And when I find bulbs that look good in our silly handsome fixtures AND give sufficient light to cook by without putting us to sleep, we can finally consider our kitchen finished, only two and a half years after we started. 


mommatosena said...

JEALOUS! even for the sleepy yellow orange lighting! I love those fixtures as well and I am sure you will find a bulb that will work eventually! I love the yellow color and the white ceiling will add light as well! To be done in under 3 yrs is a job well done! I think Tom had the right idea to hire it out and spoil ya a bit!

Grace said...

Wow, that old color was ... very blue. It must have been like cooking in an aquarium. (And I'm generally a fan of bright/saturated paint colors.)

Cindy said...