Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Exasperation and Yay!

Fine, Today! YOU WON.

I didn't get to eat a single bonbon (the cleaning lady showed up just as I was settled in [yes, we have a cleaning lady come in once a week because I hate doing floors, don't judge me], and I couldn't sit there and eat chocolates while someone else cleaned my house -- I just can't pull off Marie Antionette) so I went to the post office and forgot the note that went with one of the packages, and everything just kept not quite coming together.

But the day was not a complete disaster. Guess who came to lunch? Awesome [Nurse] Angela.

It was lovely to see her. We grabbed burgers, she got me caught up on the goings on at the hospital (where apparently everyone is pregnant) and we cried about Jane and just had a really nice time. It was so good to finally have the chance to just talk over the last six months. There simply aren't that many people around who lived the whole thing with Jane the way Tom and I did, and god did it feel good to be able to get into the minutiae and rehash the way things happened and sort of get some of that out of my system.

And she brought up the best shirt for Sarah. She and Jackie (that's Awesome Nurse Jackie to you) discovered it at the Dartmouth co-op, and it is PERFECT.

Can you see that? It's a Horton t-shirt!

She may never take it off. I figure as long as she bathes in it, it'll get clean enough, right?


mommatosena said...

The bon bons will keep. Yay for burgers and hash for lunch with someone that gets it. The shirt ROCKS and she never has to take it off; makes getting dressed a cinch. I am sure she will accessorize it along the way!

TT Vanilla said...

Oh, hurray for Awesome Nurse Angela. I'm so glad to hear you got to see her again.

Tasha said...

Those awesome nurses become a part of your family. I'm so glad you got to get together with her again.

I love the shirt. Perfect.

And just stash the bonbons for another day.

Karen said...

Awesome Nurse Angela is truly Awesome! Love the shirt and glad to hear you were able to spend an hour talking about Jane with someone who knew her so well.

And just think, today you can catch up on TV and eat bonbons in a newly-cleaned house!

Danielle said...

Sarah looks so proud and happy...again, a testament to how adeptly you've handled a situation no one should ever encounter. I'm glad you've been able to keep in touch with the nurses from Jane's hospital days... Allow yourself to share as much emotion as you need to, especially with them....as you said, they were there every step of the way and will understand as well as anyone possibly could. And, as always, you can use ALL CAPS to yell to your invisible readers, if need be.

Rachel said...

That shirt? Is awesome, and yay for lunch with Awesome Nurse Angela.

Enjoy some bonbons today, why don'cha? Truffles, rather.

Sheila Peuchaud said...

Sarah is just so damn cute!