Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Jersey in the House

From my sweet niece Julia, who somehow knew exactly, I mean EXACTLY, what I wanted to do for Jane this spring:

Those are seed packets of forget-me-nots. I opened that card Saturday when we got back home and just lost it. Julia, you sweetheart! Your card couldn't have been more perfect.

And yesterday, from my dear friend Allison and her family, a comfort-food picnic filled with love and LEMON SQUARES! (my all-time favorite dessert/cookie food):

Is that just gorgeous? Balm for the soul in so many ways.

When the mail came yesterday, Tom and I couldn't believe it. 87 cards arrived. EIGHTY-SEVEN. From you fabulous people. And thirteen of them came from New Jersey. I have exactly NO family in New Jersey. Allison, however, does, and it's clear that her loving nature and thoughtfulness is no anomaly in that group. Thank you, all of you.


Anonymous said...

Tia, it is really great to see how creative people are with showing you their love. I really enjoy reading your blog every day.

Rachel said...

So very wonderful! It sounds like you guys have an absolutely fabulous community. Lemon squares are my fave, too.

Anonymous said...

I was one of the 13! New Jersey, small and caring. A friend passed Allison's note onto me, so glad i could help with just a little note....love and peace to you and your family!!! JANE WAS HERE!
Nancy from NJ

mommatosena said...

If I am not mistaken you have family all around the world now thanks to your (our) girl Jane!

Greatful that you are able to fill your souls with the love that abounds for your family during this time of healing.

Anonymous said...

just goes to show how many lives, one special little one can touch in such a short amount of time. and she truly was special in every sense of the word.
ali s.

artandsoul said...

Yes indeed, Tia, family all around the world. :)

I love your friends and family - they are amazing!


Junemommy said...

You have "family" in Canada too! Jane was here.

Darla said...

Much love from Texas!!!

~!~!~! Jane was here ~!~!~!