Sunday, February 14, 2010

Why I Live Here

Invisible readers, THIS is why I live here. Every year, on the night before Valentine's Day, the Valentine Phantom goes through our town papering windows and doors with hearts.

Every year, a bedsheet-sized banner is draped from a prominent spot.

And this year, our house got some love:

And the fruit trees in the yard bore an early crop.

Can you beat it?

Every year, every Valentine's Day, people walk around my town with a smile on their faces and a spring in their steps -- all thanks to the actions of a Phantom who takes no credit and seeks no recognition. Take that, February!


Rasp said...

Random acts of love. Fabulous.

artandsoul said...

There's nothing quite like someone who takes full responsibility for overflowing with love.

It's the small things ... at least the older I get that's how it seems to me. The small things mean a lot.

And in February they don't seem all that small!!

Cat said...

That's it. I want to move to your town.

Hanna said...

You really do live in Stars Hollow!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful all around! Reminds me that I need to read Stargirl again soon. Love you!
Sarah T.

Karen said...

That is totally cool!! I must visit Vermont sometime soon...