Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Modern Conveniences

So, it's September 15. It's 49 degrees right now. I'm a little worried about frost tonight. (Not that I covered anything in the garden. Oh, no. That would be, like, prudent or something.) And the house never got above 64 degrees today. Which, naturally, is just cool enough to be noticeable but not cold enough to turn on the heat. Because I am cheap thrifty and ignore the thermostat until wearing two sweaters becomes imperative. (Not that it gets that far. Tom likes his conveniences a bit more convenient than I do. I am, however, not unreasonable and will lower raise my standards to his level in the interests of domestic peace.)

What to do? Make a mug of tea and feed the kid pancakes for dinner. Obviously. And hope for a warmer day tomorrow. Otherwise... two sweaters, kiddo. Dad's out of town.


mommatosena said...

Our night went something like....hey dad turn on the heat...ok...I walk by and turn it why is it still cold...I dunno I turned on the that's odd...I thought I turned on the heat....I walk by and turn it off...time for bed everyone under the extra blanket on your bed! I wanted to do breakfast for dinner but the school menu was egg sandwich for breakfast pancakes for lunch. Something in me sad that it might not be the best day for binner!

Cindy said...

I was walking around all day in this amazement because it was 65 in the morning and only got up to 85 in the afternoon! We are thinking Fall here ... would be nice to actually have it manifest as well!

This must be the time where you realize you're living in paradise, right? :) Enjoy!