Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Oh, Snap!

Three, yo! I'm on a roll.

Actually, there's not much to report except that I boxed AND LABELLED Sarah's clothes and shoes and put 'em away. That's right, stuff. It's go time.

But really, I'm posting because I wanted to show you guys this:

That's what I pulled from the garden when we came home Friday. I harvested half a dozen more cucumbers yesterday, and there are still more coming. This is why I'm starting to hate the green beasties.

It's hard to appreciate just how much biomass is gathered there on the step. For a sense of scale, here's Sarah holding trying to hold the largest zucchini:

She dropped the thing moments later. It's a monster, I tell you, almost half her height. (Those cucumbers aren't a whole lot smaller.) And it's destined to become tomorrow night's fritters. What kind of weird-ass summer is this that I'm looking forward to the zucchini and dreading the cucumbers?

Oh, and I have approximately a metric ton of green cherry tomatoes on the vine. Has anyone used them in a recipe for full-sized green tomatoes? Or pickled them? We're only a week away from our frost date (I KNOW), and I 'd hate for them to be wasted.


Cindy said...

What I wouldn't GIVE for some of those cukes!! We missed our growing season by traveling!

If I send you a FEDEX Cooler can you send them back???

mommatosena said...

Cherry tomatos and a food processor and voila (not sure what is up with all this French I took Spanish...with Mrs Samii) and salsa! You could always oil and roast then can....or you could find a friend with chix's and provide them with a feast! Wish I was within reasonable drviing to come and grab the extra! I have been grating the zucchini for baking during the winter; pre measured the bags. Loving the pic of Sarah! More girlie cuteness and less veggies!!

Grace said...

My mom has a very similar picture of me, about 6, and my sister, about 3, holding enormous zucchini and frowning at the camera.

tia said...

Thanks for the tips, m! I've got two gallon bags full of grated zucchini now; will measure and put into smaller bags tomorrow. And I found a recipe that uses green cherry tomatoes like tomatillos for salsa verde. Done and done!

Grace, I suspect that photos of kids holding monstrous produce are almost as ubiquitous (and equally as adorable) as the obligatory bath tub pics. Love the frowning!

And Cindy, I'd happily send you some cukes, except that the neighbors have snapped them up. Under duress, but still.

AG Ambroult said...

A week away from frost?! Sigh.
We only had a few monster zuks this summer and then the plant got some kind of mold and died. A confession: I love to act overwhelmed about too many zucchinis but really, I love the bounty.