Monday, September 6, 2010

Progress, By Golly

That's right. Pledge one day, progress to report the very next! Fear me! 

This morning I cleared out all of the stuff Sarah has outgrown from her drawers and shoe basket. Ha ha, stuff! You Shall Not Prevail!

Hey, lookit that. Two posts two days in a row. It's a veritable streak! I, uh, noticed that I only posted five times in August. Granted, I was gone for the second half of the month but still. That's pitiful.

But I wasn't just lollygagging around the house, I swear. In fact, before I left for Michigan, I whipped up a little something I'd promised for my friend's niece. (At Easter time. I suck.)

Ahem. ANYWAY. She's finished, and I think she's pretty darned sweet.

It's a rotten photo (like a dummy, I only took one before we left town); it looks like her legs just end, but she's really wearing little black shoes. I think she looks kinda French, don't you? Her jaunty little blue scarf hides a not-great neck seam (French women have a knack with scarves, after all). I was particularly pleased with how her hair turned out, but if I'd had time I'd have redone the mouth. It's not quite there. But still, done. And cute to boot!

I can't guarantee another report tomorrow, but this morning Tom cleared out all the mail that's piled up. Contagious tidiness! Awesome.


TT Vanilla said...

I think she looks so French you could get away with calling her a Madeline doll. Awesome work!

Cindy said...

Definitely French. She has a swagger, even just lying there on the counter.

For some reason in your latest post I just noticed how awesome ends in "me" and it totally fits your progress and your reports!

Awesome you!

mommatosena said...

Can totally see the feet and LOVE the hair and scarf! Etsy here comes Tia watch out!! Au revoir stuff!!!

Anonymous said...

She has a temporary home on my piano watching over everything in my living room, and I must admit, it just make me happy to look at her every day! Can't wait to give her to Abby for Christmas - oo la la!

tia said...

I'm so happy you like her, Sar. I really hope Abby will be pleased with her new French friend. You'll have to let me know what name she comes up with for her!