Saturday, October 31, 2009


Here's the little stinker, getting ready to go on the amazing neighborhood scavenger hunt this afternoon.

And here's the rear view, heading out for trick or treating earlier tonight.

All night Sarah kept saying, "We're wild animals that eat CANDY!" and whenever people would joke about her spraying she'd tell them, "Well, I'm not a real skunk." It was pretty cute.

At the hospital, the nurses dressed Jane in her costume. Apparently they took pictures, so next time I'm down I'll take pictures of the pictures.

In awesome news, my mom was able to come up and visit and got to hold Jane for the first time! She was nervous, and Jane was pretty twitchy, but she said it was still wonderful. I'm so bummed I wasn't there for it.

Let's see. In technical news, Jane's oxygen was reasonably good today, but her CO2 went back up to 70% which kinda sucks. They dropped her rate on the vent to 16 -- RT Richard seems to be winning the argument about how to treat her, his logic being that when the vent breathes for Jane it's actually making more work for her since her body will naturally fight against the artificial effort. We'll see where this strategy gets us.

Tom's calling the hospital right now. Report: 53% and sleeping. This evening's nurse thinks she's working a little hard, but isn't sure since she hasn't had Jane since she was really little. But she's resting well after being awake quite a lot this afternoon. Hmm. Guess she's tolerating the wean; a little challenge is good. But don't you be pulling any baby tricks tonight, kiddo. Or no treats for you!


Sheila Peuchaud said...

The skunk costume? Inspired.

tia said...

Thanks, sheila! It's basically just a sweatsuit with faux fur, but it worked out. What was Jacques this year?

artandsoul said...

Skunkoween is awesome! I mean being a wild animal that eats candy - is there anything better?? Here's hoping Jane sleeps comfortably through the night, and I like RT Richard. He sounds reasonable.

Can't wait to see the Jane costume!

mommatosena said...

Oh My Goodness!!! I feel like such a slacker in the world of costume the skunk is awesome!! That must be how they took a 10 line book and turned it into a movie all the wild animals are going to eat loads of candy and go wild!!! Ms Jane is a worker and I agree with Richard on this that she is working against it at this point...makes sense for sure. Hope she had a good night and can't wait to see what she looked like...was she a littler skunk!!?

annachorn said...

Never saw a skunk costume. Inspired indeed. And, so well executed. How cute a little skunk she is! Just adorable. Hope Jane's having a better day today than the last couple. Anxious to see her costume.

Renee said...

I love the skunk costume! She's adorable.