Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Because It Ought To Be Spring

Hey, that's... why that stuff there looks green! Spring-y, even!

Oh, friends. It is a TOUGH time of year in these parts. I tolerate the long, slow, draaaaaagged out end of winter pretty well. Up to a point. A couple days ago that point came up and smacked me right in the head.

See, we still have snowbanks. (Well, my house does. The houses across the street? Not so much.) And when all of a sudden it's April, and I can no longer wait for Mother Nature to clean up her damn room already, I unshovel.

That's my driveway. Yes, I actually spread out snowbanks so the damn things will start melting. It's a sanity preservation measure. In fact, it may even be a public service. Because if these things don't give up the ghost soon, I'm going to be renting a flame thrower.

Admittedly, it is kind of fun discovering the things left outside before the snow came.

Hey, Sarah was just looking for her little shovel!

Huh. I have no idea...

Oh, god. That's just embarrassing.

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AG Ambroult said...

heh. We have found a myriad of treasures under our snow, too. Including a newspaper with the date December 26th.