Sunday, April 10, 2011

Leaps and Bounds

Guess what I finally found today?

Spring is really, truly, finally, actually coming.

Further proof?

Could you just eat them up? The weather is warming at last, and Sarah and one of her bfs could stand footwear not a minute longer. And yes, that is a little patch of snow just to the left of Sarah's legs. There are still drifts and drifts around the rest of the house, but at last this one patch of earth is finally free of winter.

As for Sarah's sleep over last night? She totally slept over! And I admit it, I felt a little pang yesterday as I watched her walk off with her sleeping bag/backpack. She walked away from our house and early childhood and into the world.


mommatosena said...

yeah for crocus flowers to welcome spring! Mine were out in the stream and splashing in their swim gear! Oh to be young again!

Sena does offer tips she just doesn't have much to work with when dressing me up! LOL

Glad Sarah enjoyed her sleepover!

Cindy said...

Beautiful flowers! And such precious feet! (I have a thing for little girl feet!)

I'm so glad I'm in the world that Sarah is walking in to!! I can feel her good vibes all the way down here!

AG Ambroult said...

mmmmhuh. It's coming. April rain/snow/sleet and all. it's coming. We frolicked in summer duds that day, too. Today? it's cold rain gear.