Monday, April 18, 2011

Better Than A Creemee

So, listen. I'm not precisely speaking an optimist. I don't think everything turns out for the best. But I don't consider myself a pessimist, either. When the metaphorical glass is before me, I generally don't think of it as half-full or half-empty. Instead, my response is more along the lines of, "Hey! Half a glass of water. Awesome." In fact, when the glass is just plain old empty, I think, "Okay, a glass. Great. I'm pretty thirsty. Better go find a tap." Right? Here is situation X, here's how I'm going to use it.

But sometimes. There are some times when I want to take that glass, however full it may be, and I want to throw that thing to the ground and stomp on the shards.

So last night I was having a moment of, oh, I think I was calling it Freudenschade. Just, you know, having a bit of a moment where I had a, um, moment of not okayness. Kind of just a teensy bit of a crying jag in the bath thinking about how things work out and how there's no comparing situations and how things suck anyway. Yeah, so, in that moment, all I wanted was a good old shard-stomping.

Unfortunately, I wound up with a bit of an emotional hangover today. Everything was just bleh. Bleh bleh bleh. Laundry, bleh. Food, bleh. Whatever whatever whatever. Fun times.

But then, my friend Jen and I took a bunch of little girls to the Humane Society to drop off supplies donated by the kids who came to Sarah and her friend's birthday party over the weekend. And OF COURSE they were closed. In desperation we did the only thing we could. We went for ice cream. Maple creemees.

I didn't get a creemee. But Sarah and I did come home with a treat.

Sarah named her Violet Polkadot.

Make your teeth ache with the sweet, don't they?

Natural mood booster. Better than ice cream. Even maple creemees.


AG Ambroult said...

Welcome Violet Polksdot! The name is priceless, and the picture makes me need a glass of water, it's so sweet.
I'm glad you found yourself a little cure for that emotional hangover.

Cindy said...

OMG! Sweetest thing I've ever seen. I may not have to even have a Cadbury Egg; just look at that picture!!


The paradoxes of situations can be one of the most painful of all situations. And it always seems we sit in them alone.

But we don't.

Grace said...


Sorry to hear about your tough moment. Did you hear the NPR story about the progesterone shot, by the way? The upshot was basically that the FDA said, "Like heck we're going to enforce the patent on that one, everybody can keep going to to compounding pharmacy and spending $30 per dose like they did before.' So apparently all is well, in that department at least.

Cindy said...

Oh, and Tia, I have no idea what a maple creemee is, but you just sealed the deal - we are definitely heading to the maple state for some of that.

Whatever it is.

So I'll see you in June!

mommatosena said...

yeah for Violet Polkadot and that picture is just CRAZY cute!!!

Maple creemee yummmmyyyy!!!

((((hugs to you))))

sitting quietly next to you.

Marya said...

That is the best kitten ever.