Sunday, January 31, 2010

More from the Homefront

Our lovely friend Maggie (who, with her husband Brett Fabulous, cleaned our entire house before we returned home) came over today to do a little art project with Sarah. Maggie traced Sarah's outline on craft paper and they colored and embellished and glittered all evening.

This is what they came up with:

It's Sarah and Jane (Sarah asked Maggie to draw Jane in) at Christmas (that would be a tree above Sarah left shoulder). Um, there's also a rocket ship and what Sarah always calls a "space alien" (making a Christmas visit, I guess). Is that heartbreakingly sweet? Art therapy with Maggie!

So my emotions were a little raw but manageable when we sat down to dinner. We hadn't been eating more than fifteen minutes when Tom saw something flickering outside. We ran out to discover this in front of our house:

Our neighbors had lit luminaries.

Down the whole block, in front of every single house: JANE. This photo is just miserable -- I wish you all could have seen it yourselves because it was breathtaking, these lights aglow in the cold stillness. And there they were, our wonderful neighbors, literally with arms open for us. It was beautiful.

And then? Right then? I mean, the minute I walked back inside? Awesome Nurse Kristy called. Bring on the waterworks!

People, between your comments and cards and the displays here at home, I'm mush. My brother, sister, and I had brunch together this morning, just the three of us, at the restaurant of a friend of his. We got the bill:

My heart is full.


Anonymous said...

Not in the surfer cool way, in the literal way-AWE SOME. I love your neighbors for doing what so many of us want to do for you. How could such a heartbreaking loss radiate such massive love? And so Jane keeps giving.... and bringing out the best in so many.

Angie said...

I can't find the words to say how beautiful this is. The love in your home and surrounding you right now... leaves me speechless.

Raspberry said...

It's just stunning. I'm filled with awe and gratitude that those closest to you physically are loving you so well.

Anonymous said...

Incredible. I just finished reading this and found myself wiping sheets of tears off of my cheeks. So glad that not only are you being shown how much you are loved but that people are finding such amazing ways to honor Jane.

Alison (mgrable)

annachorn said...

What a heart-warming tribute to Jane, and to each of you as well. It honestly just blows me away. I've truly never seen anything like this.

So, to recap, we have the amazing art therapy with Maggie, the stunningly beautiful neighborhood luminaries, the wonderfully thoughtful - and predictable - call from awesome nurse Kristy, the most fabulous siblings, and a restaurant check like no other.

Wonderful tributes to an exceedingly special family.

And, oh yes, by the way, JANE WAS SO HERE!!!!!

Love, Ann

mommatosena said...

AWESOME says it all.....

Jane was here.

Meredith said...

Oh, Tia. What a beautiful community you live in. Extraordinary.

Thinking of you, wondering about all the things you must be feeling and what you must have to be deal with.

And really choked up at all the love around you, near and far.

Jane was here, sweetie.

Tasha said...


Jane was here.

artandsoul said...

Luminaria - a Christmas lantern consisting of a candle placed in a small bag weighted with sand, usually placed along with others.

Luminaries - a person who inspires or influences others

Yes. Lovely. What neighbors, friends and family!

Jane was here.

FrancesC - TT said...

Jane was here, and is here, and has brought out the love that lies hidden in the world.

What a lovely community you live in.


Anonymous said...

That is so amazing. Those luminarias are just beautiful! What a thoughtful community you have.


Sara Grieser said...

You don't know me, but I found your blog from some friends on Facebook. I came and spent 1/2 a day reading about your journey and your beautiful daughters.

I am thankful for the positive things that you have experienced since the passing of your daughter.

And through others, and your blog, I just needed to tell you...

Jane was here.


Rowena said...

That is so so lovely. Jane was most definitely here in a profound way.

Andrea Proulx said...

Wow, that is so cool.
I drove along Winter Street this morning so I could see it myself!
Wonderful neighbors...
Peter and I have been talking about you and your family every day.
Hoping to see you soon.
Jane was here.
Love, Andrea

Jessica said...

This is all just breath taking! Jane has touched so many hearts and lives as you and your family. Aaron and I have been thinking about you and every day and hoping for the best. Please know we are here for you even if we are miles away.
- Gillis Family
"Jane was Here"

Cat said...

What a wonderful thing to see. Jane and your family are loved by a great many people.

Jane was here.

Karen said...

Beautiful. What a wonderful tribute. I am so pleased that you are surrounded by such loving, wonderful people.

mb said...

I am chilled and so in love with the people of this world who support and hold us.

I am so sorry for the greatest loss a mother can feel. I hope you find the support and community you need so you can hurt and grieve and cry for as long as you want and need.

Some friends of mine started a blog for Baby Loss Mamas. It's a space where you can unleash it all. It's called

My blessings and prayers with you, thoughts of your beautiful Jane.


Anonymous said...

Jane most assuredly was here, and a part of her remains with everyone who met--or "met" her. What a beautiful tribute to a beautiful girl.