Tuesday, August 11, 2009


I'm not going to lie. The gifts we received today from Jane and Sarah's cousins choked me up a little. You all know what a tough cookie I am -- I don't get misty-eyed over any old trinket.

The bunny was made by Madeline, the poem written by Nora. Declan and his sisters gave her the blanket and a really soft, adorable outfit I forgot to photograph (sorry!). Here's the poem, for those who can't find their reading glasses (I'm not naming names [Mom] but you know who you are):

On a warm summer night
the moon shines bright.

the breeze so cool, all you
hear is a small cricket

her song so clear and
strong as she makes her
way in the world

the adventures she will take
wait in the world for
her, patient as she grows

The adventurous Cricket.

You'd have to be seriously cold-hearted not to be moved by that.

Thanks, Greenies.

ps: Sarah says she'll take care of the bunny until Jane's big enough to play with it. She's also "taking care" of the sweet Dalmation puppy/blanket from Aunt Maura. She's generous like that.

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