Friday, August 28, 2009

Rollercoaster (Say What?)

Apparently last night's "she didn't like it very much" was a bit of an understatement. She didn't like that would-be penultimate nitric wean AT ALL. In fact, she disliked it so very much that's she's right back where she was last Friday. Back on 100% oxygen, back on 20 ppm on the nitric, back at the old vent settings. Jane's being a PAIN.

At least this time the doctors know exactly what's going on. She has no infection or other complication. Her lungs are slightly collapsed again. It's all the BPD.

Damn it.

I'm going to go watch last night's Project Runway and pump. (Ooh, there's an idea for a future post -- pumping. Must make mental note. Or reread this post.) Women pump and dump when they've had a drink. Maybe I can pump and dump my crappy mood.

10 pm UPDATE: Little Miss may have an infection after all. They did another blood draw, and her white blood cell count has doubled. Looks like we finally drew the pneumonia card. BUT the nurse practicioner pointed out that usually very sick babies don't have the internal mechanism to fight infection on their own -- there wouldn't be a change in the white blood cell count. So, the take away? Jane is sick. But she's fighting it, both on her own and on a brand! new! course of antibiotics. She's already starting to do better with her oxygen saturation, but is still at 100% on her oxygen intake.

And the rollercoaster keeps on rolling.

11 pm edit: for my husband's benefit (and maybe yours, but we won't tell anyone), "pump and dump" means to express breast milk and pour it, sorrowfully, reverently, down the drain. I wasn't really going to dump anything, but inadvertently spilled about 2 ounces anyway. A moment of silence would not be inappropriate at this time.


Rachel said...

Oh, so sorry that it's time for a lousy rollercoaster ride. And a moment of silence for the breastmilk indeed.

mommatosena said...

Sorry for the rollercoaster ride Jane is on at the moment but she is a fighter for sure and it's great that her body is working to fight the infection! My husband never understood why I had an emotional meltdown when I spilled 2 oz of milk or why I screamed like someone had amputated a limb when he left milk on the counter and forgot to put it back in the fridge...his response was always...well it's just a few oz's!!! well then buster get your tits out and wring out a few ounces to replace it...oh you can't....then let me cry over my spilt milk!! *****moment of silence****