Thursday, August 13, 2009

Taking the Day Off

No hospital visit today. Sorry, people, but I seriously needed a break from the drive. I'll be back tomorrow and promise to take advantage of any photo ops that come along. Sarah got the day off from "school" and we spent a lovely morning with dear friends at their new house. We drank lemonade and played on the swingset and played dress-up and had a fantastic time. It was totally like a normal day. I sort of remember those!

But never fear! We (well, Tom) have been calling in to check on Jane throughout the day, and this is what we've learned:

She was put on the conventional vent last night (yes!) and has been doing well. She gained another two ounces (sing it!). She was given a diuretic to help with the excess fluid (in general, and in her lungs specifically) and she's been peeing like a racehorse. I won't be surprised if I learn tomorrow that she's urinated away most of that weight gain.

Tonight's nurse (Pam, who I've met and is awesome [like almost all ICN nurses]) mentioned for the first time the fate of Jane's central line. Have we discussed the central line? I think I brought it up early on. Maybe not. Well, she'd been blowing her IVs every twelve hours or so, and three attempts to place a PICC line (long term IV access through a deep vein in the arm) were unsuccessful. So they had to go for some deeper access and put in a subclavial central line. Basically, they threaded a tube into a vein under her collar bone and just above the heart. I know. Anyway, it's been working out wonderfully, but it's also the primary risk for potential infection, since it's, you know, an opening into her body. But they're using it less and less because they're decreasing the nutrition she's been taking through it as she gets more and more breast milk, and they'll be able to add any necessary supplements to the milk. Once she's been on full feeds for a sustained period they'll be able to remove the thing. Just another marker to add to the list, and hopefully to cross off soon.

Another day under our belts. A good one.

Hey, speaking of the drive (remember, way back at the top there?), I'd love to hear any recommendations for audio books. I'm currently listening to Vikram Seth's A Suitable Boy and enjoying it but will need something new soon. Email, comments, Facebook -- your choice. Give me a shout.

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