Saturday, August 8, 2009

The New Normal

In an overdue but much appreciated turn of events, we had a quiet day at the ICN today. Jane slept/rested the entire time we were there, looking very much like a tiny piglet: pink and slowly getting fatter. We had a quick conversation with the head Nurse Practicioner who had been less than optimistic during the chaos immediately following Jane's birth. Today she was praising everything about Jane, from her color to her movement. It was good to hear her New and Improved perspective.

Jane is still on the oscillating ventilator, but they're slowly decreasing the settings with an eye toward getting her back on the conventional vent as soon as possible. There is some question as to which ventilator does less damage, but I'll take whatever gets her back on CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure = a little extra pressure to help the lungs inflate, but otherwise breathing on her own).

Thanks to the lack of drama, we managed a little quasi-normal family time. Sarah and I read Beauty and the Beast with Jane. We ate lunch outside at a picnic table on the (really pretty) hospital grounds. Tom and Sarah played on the playground while I sat with Jane. If not for the greenhouse our girl inhabits, it would have been a perfectly normal day.

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