Saturday, August 15, 2009


We played at being marsupials today:

It was my third time holding Jane, the first time I had her on my chest. She slept on me for over an hour. It was, of course, divine. That tatted up little arm belongs to Sarah, who would have held Jane's hand all day if given the chance. She kept petting her head, too, while telling us all how tiny Jane is and what a good big sister she herself is. Tom's parents came up to visit (bringing a book for Sarah and a baby doll for Jane which Sarah has very thoughtfully offered to care for along with the rest of Jane's toys). Thanks to the CPAP earlier and Jane's head position today, they have yet to see her face in person. I promise that the baby we've been taking pictures is, in fact, Jane and not some random cute baby in the ICN.

A remarkable thing about kangaroo care: Jane's oxygen requirements had been around 50%, give or take five points, for most of the day. While she was on me, they went down to 37% (room air is 21% oxygen). If only she could be on me all day, we'd have her off the vent in no time.

I think there was some other stuff to report, but all that kangaroo care has driven most of the factual crap out of my head. Something about needing less humidity now that her skin is more mature. Whatever it was, it was good news.

Oh, and she did pee off that two ounce weight gain I mentioned a couple days ago. And then gained it back in actual weight the next day. See Jane Grow and Grow!

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kess9 said...

Better and better news. We love the pictures of Sarah's tattoo and Jane. You all remain in our thoughts and hearts. Your on the intersession list at St. Thomas in Camden. Karen and Lee.