Friday, March 12, 2010


That should technically read "720, give or take", but it just doesn't have the same punch.

Anyway, I counted the cards, people. Well, the envelopes. 720, yo. SEVEN HUNDRED AND TWENTY. There were many envelopes with multiple cards and notes, so I don't know what the "real" number is.

So, I have completed Step 1 of the curating: physically sorting the envelopes into the states and countries of origin. Yes, I sorted them alphabetically by state, and then alphabetically by city within each state. I DO NOT HAVE OCD. I'm just thorough. Ahem.

Step 2: enter every envelope onto a map on Google Maps. Behold my skills! (Apparently I have no skills -- I'll fix this. Eventually.) I've done all the international ones, and Alabama through Maryland.

Step 3 will be sorting the notes themselves by medium: postcards, regular cards, post-its and similar, and artwork. I figure that'll make Step 4 (storage/scrapbooking/framing/what-have-you) easier for you lot to figure out. Right? I mean, one of you has a brilliant idea you're just sitting on, waiting for the right moment. Well, you have some time, my invisible friend, but it won't be for long.


Tasha said...

Very impressive Tia.

Cate said...

That is awesome. Both the number, and your organizational skills.

I love the hound, supervising on the couch.

Anonymous said...

thats wonderful!! Speaks volume of all the great people out there.
There has not been a day that has passed I have not thought of our girl....something that reminds me of her. The books that were sent to the nursery are great. I love the nameplate. How I miss her. I have purple and white crocuses blooming!Spring...
Hugs to all of you,

mommatosena said...

WOW~ impressive pile of mail and your organizational skills well, I am not sure what word to use! Seems like you are making progress with sorting for sure and I can't help but to think that you will have a flash of brillance of what to do next! If you don't perhaps the oversight committee that is on the couch can help!

My only advice is to make sure that however it is stored it is easy for everyone to get to; and things for Sarah to look through at any given time. Maybe laminating some of the things that are Sarah's faves so that she can get to on her own without fear of preschooler destruction. That's all I got for you at the moment but I have my thinking cap on!

Enjoy the sunshine!

Erica Houskeeper said...

Hi Tia,

Very happy to hear that so many people took the time to reach out and honor Jane. What a wonderful network of support!

Your organizational skills are impressive. I am sure you'll come up with something creative and special.

Take care,

Marie said...

Hi Tia, I just read your blog and I LOVE the way you write... I don't even know you but you feel like a friend... I know Valerie Parrish and I think you know her sister... that's the connection! Anyway, I have any idea for all the cards and notes etc... not sure if it is a good one, but I will pass it on... you could scan everything (I KNOW... BIG JOB!) (and, of course, not the trees ;-)... and make a digital scrapbook from Shutterfly... I have done lots of these and they are fun once you get the hang of it... then you can share the book online with everyone and you will have a beautiful printed one as a keepsake.... I would recommend the 12" x 12" with the padded cover... I made one all about my Dad's life (he passed away a few years ago) for my Mom for Christmas and all of my 6 brothers and sisters asked me to order one for them to hand down to their children... just a thought!
kindest regards, Marie Savannah