Wednesday, March 24, 2010

In the Meantime

I gave in to my conscience and got to work on Sarah's Easter basket:

Sarah really likes blue, have I mentioned that? This little guy was needle felted, which is basically sculpting wool by poking it. It's excessively easy and gratifying and zen. I think his nest needs some flowers, don't you? I wonder if I can manage a daffodil.

I'm kinda feeling the sewing/needlework vibe right now. I gotta be honest, scrapbooking kinda (and I can't explain this adequately at all) scares me. Well, not scares, exactly. It just highlights how awful my memory is. Okay, and some of the embellishments freak me out. There's... there's just so much of it. All those papers and stickers and little fiddly things and the different glues and stuff. It's too much for my little brain.

I like yarn. I like wool. I like fabric. I think it's time I learned to sew.

And cross-stitch, which is kinda painting with thread. I can see that being pretty meditative, too.

First things first. I've got some needle felting to finish up. Daffodils, coming up!


Cate said...

that is so awesome! love it.

I've been eyeing sewing machines on, but not enough to actually buy one. But it's tempting.

or if you really want to make something, how about furniture? I keep looking at this:

mommatosena said...

HOLY CUTENESS BATGIRL!! Ok I am going to get into my leftovers and see what I can pull off! I did a doll for a bday gift and all it does is fly around the house and get smashed into things! Perhaps a bunny would be better received! I am with ya on the scrap book thing and not for lack of tyring but yes I get hung up with all the do dads and shapes! I think its the vein of perfectionism that plagues the German genes. The cross stitch I haven't tried but needlpoint is kinda fun and you can get the kits all together so you just build it if you will. As for the library torture I am so sorry. I totally can relate and there isn't anything that will make it better and the fact that you stayed well you are a better soldier so I want ya on my side! My yellow bellied self would have run screamin'! I do know that in time it won't hurt as badly but I am not sure that it ever really goes entirely away. How do you ever forget something that was such a large part of your family?? Perhaps why you are feeling the needle craft things so much. Trying to stitch a new fabric and make it look and feel more comfortable. I dunno...I will stop my rambling and promise not to delete....just know you are still on our minds and part of our prayers! Shame on the snow I didn't enjoy watching it fall at all yesterday it doesn't bring the same kind of joy it did in the means that the gardens will continue to wait! how about peas...maybe they can take it! I do know that this year the beans are getting started inside as last year every single one rotted!!!

Tasha said...

I used to do cross-stitch too. You can get really easy ones to start with and work up to some serious work-of-art pieces. Heck, I say keep with the needle felting if you like it - that bunny is adorable!

Anonymous said...

Hi Tia -- I just taught Jason how to make a log cabin quilt. It's pretty easy if you want to take up sewing. (Imagine: Jason sewing!!!) If you want some pointers, let me know.
-- Kelley

Cindy said...

How can I learn to needle felt??? Just precious!!

My middle daughter, Anna, was always a fan of blue, especially that bright, cobalt blue. Cerulean was one of her first impressive vocabulary words she would lay down with her 5 year old lisp when asked what her favorite color was!

For about two years (ages 19-20) she had the most gorgeous cobalt blue hair. I really got to like it alot. :)

(cross-stitch stuff on the way!)

tia said...

Seriously, Cindy? Thank you!

Needle-felting is just ridiculously easy, by the way. Check it out: You just poke poke poke wool with felting needles until the thing looks like you want it to.

And Kelley, I would LOVE to learn to quilt. My friend Sarah just yesterday introduced me to the world of jelly rolls and honey buns and other fabric confections from Moda.

Cindy said...

Yep!! On the way -- and I'm going to go over this website and see what I can learn about needle-felting!

It looks like it might actually be easy enough for me!

AG Ambroult said...

wow! you felted that?! it's awesome! you completely trivialized the process. I've tried it and not had such success. I think you've found what you were looking for. for now.