Monday, March 22, 2010

Another Map Update and An Apology

Okay, while I still haven't solved the problem of all the map points appearing at once, EVERY SINGLE CARD except those from Vermont are IN. Including Maryland (which, um, I somehow skipped. I'M SORRY!). Oh, and two new areas represent: Montana and Nigeria. Nigeria! Can you believe it? And I'm totally psyched that Montana is on the map. I came thisclose to moving to Bozeman after college. I would have been really bummed not to have Montana on Jane's map.

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Rachel said...

Tia, this is just amazing. And as one of the Maryland card-senders, I'm happy to see Silver Spring on the map, yo!

still thinking of you guys, and our girl Jane.

Brooke Trout said...

Ah Bozeman - home to the Museum of the Rockies - she loved it there! She went skiing at Bridger too. It was a beautiful weekend with her. Thanks for letting me share it with her.