Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Wait, what? Tom threw out a number at me a few days ago and it JUST HIT ME. He apparently opened the final accounting from our insurance company for Jane's care and it was (brace yourselves. Seriously. It's a crazy figure)...


1.4 million


Holy crap. I mean, how is that even possible? Naturally, I can't find the actual piece of paper, and Tom tends to round when he talks numbers, but DUDES. That's a lotta dough. Um, health-care reform, anyone?



Cindy said...


21 years ago we had six months of extraordinary care at Shands Teaching Hospital for my hubby's cancer ... many, many surgeries and even a plane trip from Tallahassee to Gainesville in the middle of the night due to a burst artery ....

Total bill was around $250,000 and we were shocked. Shocked I say.

Fortunately we also were covered. All except for $80 to cover a Social Worker appointment I requested - for me - because of the stress.

(Don't even get me started)

Rounding numbers is probably a good thing.

Yes, let's reform Health Care. And let's always be able to provide the care that Jane got to any family who finds themselves in a situation with a preemie baby who needs the help of our technology.

Hugs Tia. I have another card to send - but I don't want to overwhelm you with more archiving!
Can we have an additional category of "Hey, howya doin?"

Tasha said...

That sounds about right. I know just the bed in our NICE was over $1050 a day. Maryn was there for about 150 days, so you can do the math. And that didn't cover the meds, surgeons, etc. Hugs and love as always.

Anonymous said...

A lot of that number is round the clock nursing care. We are not "billable" to insurance companies so hopsitals have to find other ways to pay us...hence the bed being $1050 a day! Beds don't really cost that much :)I completely agree with healthcare reform!!!!

mommatosena said...

I am glad that your insurance covered the care for Jane. Something has to happen. I would also be willing to bet that there is more than one piece of paper and I am willing to bet that it might rival in number the letters you have received and are curating!!

Meredith said...

Tia, dumb Canadian question, but did your insurance actually cover all of that? And, holy schmoley.

tia said...

Almost all of it. Like, by way far the majority. We're insanely lucky to have the insurance we do; but all credit goes to Tom on that one. He made sure that the college had the best policy available to them. Scary, isn't it?