Thursday, June 17, 2010


So, today I was getting our pool passes for the summer (it's supposed to hit 90 here on Saturday! At last! It's been in the 60s and grey and rainy this week -- we had to turn the heat back on, for the love of Mike). The Rec Center is right next to the preschool I've been meaning to check out for Sarah. Since, like, April. (There are still openings for the fall. I didn't completely blow it.) ANYWAY. I go in and it's colorful and full of art and happy kids and all that, yay. There were two rows of hooks for the kids' coats, and right above one of the hooks: Jane. Pow.

Ah, must be Random Thursday.

I ran the rest of my errands with a stone in my gut.

But when I came home and checked the mail, I found this:

And on the back was this:

And my balance was restored. The Post Office works in mysterious ways.

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mommatosena said...

That is pretty darn cool even if it was a bit of a sock in the gut. Mail is wonderful.