Tuesday, June 8, 2010


I ran! A little! But still!

The loop from home to Sarah's school and back is 2.6 miles. I'm going to estimate running about a mile and a half (a mile in one go!). And here's what I learned:

1) Running with a jogging stroller kind of sucks.

2) I still run on the outsides of my feet. 

3) Breathing hurts.

4) The one place that didn't burn was my feet. Yay shoes!

5) I'm going to do it again tomorrow.


Tom said...

You rule!
You even have me running. How crazy is that?


AG Ambroult said...

a little music will help you go a long way, too.I like it because I drowns out my breathing. Because when I can hear my labored breathing, it makes me tired and want to stop.

mommatosena said...

Yeah for you! Running isn't my thing not for lack of trying so kudos for you even getting this far! Before long Sarah and Tom will be running with you and no stroller to hold onto!

Cindy said...

WTG! I'm walking and I'm darn proud of that! :)

shawnie said...

ok, the best thing about running with a stroller is when you get to run WITHOUT the stroller you feel like you could go for 7,362 miles.