Monday, June 21, 2010

Summer Virtues

Summer! It's summer! Really, truly summer! Yay, Northern Hemisphere!

Since it's official and all, how about some summery sights?

photo by Sarah!

Don't you love it?

Yesterday Sarah and I went berry picking with one of her buddies from school (Ben, the sweetest boy you've ever met), and we came home with these:

Ahhhhh. That's almost TEN POUNDS of juicy, yummy, possibly almost very nearly somewhat organic-ish local strawberries. Amazingly, I had them washed and hulled and frozen by the afternoon. I'm tempted to go back for more to try my hand at freezer jam without dipping into my Brand! New! stash of berry goodness.

And today? Today, peeps, Sarah and I finally planted the new vegetable garden! Here's my lovely assistant telling me all about how she's going to water all the new seedlings. 

(Yes, she's in her underwear. That's how we roll, yo.)

My somewhat less lovely, but eminently useful other assistant standing by because... well, because I think I need to put in a third bed.

Cute, right? But not nearly enough space for all the pathetic tomato seedlings still standing by (plus all the other stuff I'd hoped to put in this year -- and I only missed a month of the growing season! Go, me!). After all the work I did to make the space for these two, I feel like a third bed would be no big deal. I mean, I took down two trees, dudes. I'm a Serious Vegetable Gardener now.


mommatosena said...

Way to ROCK IT!! GO get more berries cause the freezer jam is totally worth it and you dn't want to get into the new berries! I get that totally!! LOL Had to chuckle at the unders as that is what is the outfit of choice here as well, 'cept for Max and he uniform lately has been an extra big t for cover. Part of summer back woods livin'. Get diggin' and get those veggies in you might get some pickles by summer's end!

AG Ambroult said...

funny, we just went strawberry picking and I have freezer jam on my to do list for tomorrow. ahhh...summer. Nice garden bed!And yes, add more. We seem to add at least one more each year and we're running out of room...

Tasha said...

Wow! That's a bunch of berries! I totally encourage the freezer jam idea. We just did 2 batches (1 of strawberry and 1 of strawberry/raspberry/blueberry), and it is so easy. And yummy.

Brandon and Lisa said...

So, does one have to have any fancy tools to make this freezer jam?! I keep hearing about it and have no idea how to make it!

AG Ambroult said...

ok, had to come back and tell you I made this freezer jam yesterday: you must go back and pick more so you can make it.

tia said...

I'm going back out tomorrow, by god. That recipe is just about perfect, I think, Amy. No muss, no fuss, no weirdness. Yay, summer! Yay, berries!