Saturday, June 5, 2010

New Shoes

Dudes. Shoes:

I was so tempted to get a newfangled pair of Nike Pegasus, but these were cushy and they seemed to fit my feet pretty well and they were on sale sooo...

Sarah went shopping with me yesterday and raced me through the store each time I tried on a new pair of sneaks. It was awfully cute. Then we went home and she insisted on a full costume change into a running outfit so we could go for our First Run around the block.

We just happened to end up at the Meadow Mart, where they have a cooler full of summery treats. Sarah came home with this:


It was a good day.


Cindy said...

Nu Shooz and Sno Cone.

What could be better?

They look comfy and wonderful!

AG Ambroult said...

that IS a good day. But just think of the get up you could have donned if you went all retro with the old sneakers. (Put Sarah on her bike and go for a long run together!)