Monday, June 14, 2010

Trying Something On For Size

Blogger's thrown up some new templates. What do you think? Too cutesy? Too Spring 2010?

While you're pondering these critical design issues, here's something more to take a gander at:

I finished the bathmat.

I crocheted a bowl.

And I started a new blanket for Sarah (sorry about the lighting -- it's bright white and grassy green in real life).

This week? VEGETABLE GARDEN. Even if it's only six square feet. Even if it kills me. 


Tom said...

You forgot to mention that only hours before a clutch cargo dinner party you handmade a linen tablecloth and nine napkins. Just saying.

PS. I like the new design.

Cindy said...

I like the design too... and wowza woman you are talented!!!

MiHae said...

I too am digging the new design. And lady, that's one sweet bathmat and bowl. And if the garden doesn't happen, just come eat from ours! :)

mommatosena said...

OMG! it's all overwhelming! I guess with all this incredible I am wondering why the veggie garden is SO important! A linen tablecloth and napkins, bathmat, bowl and the blanket! Are amazing! I love the new look on the blog! Do they have a veggie garden template....just saying!

Cate said...

that bathmat looks awesome!

(and that is a sentence I have never, ever thought before, let alone written.)

AG Ambroult said...

ooo I LIKE that bathmat!!! I totally want to make one now--it looks so good! Is the pattern online somewhere or did you wing it?

tia said...

Thanks, everyone! You're all much too kind. And the tablecloth and napkins were made by fringing the edges of a few yards of linen. No big.

Here's the pattern, Amy:

VERY easy, perfect for working while watching, say, a Buffy marathon.

I used a 4-ply cotton (a cone and a half or so of Sugar and Creme, I think; ah, it was this one: and it feels GREAT underfoot. I don't know if it'll be enough to keep the cold tile at bay in the winter, but it's perfect for now.

AG Ambroult said...


Laura Herbert said...

Ooh, I like this template best so matches Sarah's rug - which is beautiful! You are very gifted!