Saturday, June 26, 2010

Food Art

Hey, did I ever tell you guys about how Sarah loves pancakes. Loves them. Loves loves loves the pancakes. I whipped up a batch of silver-dollar cuties for her this morning (she ate 30. THIRTY), and let the leftovers cool on the plate. Lookit:

Silver dollar chrysanthemum!

Totally, I swear, an accident. I mean, obviously I placed them in more or less concentric circles on purpose so they could cool, but it wasn't until the plate was full that I saw the pattern. And now, seeing it like this, it's driving me nuts that I can't move one of the "petals" to the center so it would be, you know, done. Yes, I am that German.

A nationality I will NOT be rooting for tomorrow, by the way. I mean, who roots for the Germans? It's like rooting for the Yankees. Puh-leeze.

And yes, I did spend the afternoon screaming at the television during the US v Ghana match while my kid watched Beauty and the Beast on the laptop. Klassy! Listen, she correctly identified the captain of each team without my assistance, so I figured she earned her Disney. Anyway, now that the US of A has been knocked out of the tourney (fairly, by the better team, even if Ghana dove more often than Greg Louganis once they had the lead), I can watch the rest of the World Cup without giving myself ulcers. Win for me! And I can cheer on the Netherlands, a country for which I have great fondness. I spent three weeks there in high school; I turned 16 there. They were very formative weeks. Very. Formative.

Ahem. Anyway, one of my very favorite things I ate while I was there were, as it happens, the pancakes, little teensy ones called poffertjes and giant, plate-sized thin creations called pannekoeken topped with apple slices and confectioners sugar. Eaten in the company of significantly adorable Dutch boys? Oh Em Gee.

Given Sarah's favorite food, and that she begs me for licorice (although not the salty kind -- yet), it's pretty much inevitable that she will wind up in Holland, too. Hoo boy.

Right. Until then, go Oranje!


Sue F. said...

What's hysterical is that my friend Rachel (whose husband is Dutch) just posted on FB this morning about her daughter having poffertjes for breakfast. Clearly, it's an epidemic.

Sue F. said...

OK, I don't know why it's hysterical. But, you know, kinda funny.

Sue F. said...

OK, not hysterical. But very funny.

Molly said...

Those pancakes look delicious. I've always liked making the little ones, they're just infinitely more awesome!

Liked the blog, it'd be awesome if you could check mine out sometime,

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