Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Or Maybe...

This is pretty fun, playing with all this bloggy design stuff. I'm going to keep futzing around, I think, until I get tired of trying new things on and just go with whatever's on when I stop. Which, come to think of it, is exactly how I get dressed.

Anyway, in the works: GARDEN. YES.

I finished the digging this morning. I have to keep reminding myself that it's just a start, and that next year I'll have something to build on and expand from, blah blah blah. (And, yes, that is an almost three-foot length of 2 x 4 I dug out of the ground, where it was buried vertically -- but why? What was it there for?) So this is about 36 square feet. Just enough room for two long mounded beds, where I can finally plant my sad tomatoes and broccoli and start some pathetically late other veggies.

Problem is, I've got this in mind and I want it NOW:

 Or this:

Or at the very least this:

Damn you, Martha Stewart, raiser of my expectations!

I did dig up some cool stuff, though.

I love that part of starting a new garden. Accidental archaeology.


MiHae said...

Wow, you found some cool stuff. Did Sarah enjoy your accidental archaeological finds? An assortment of goodies like this could inspire Bea to start digging up our entire yard! Congrats on getting your veggie garden dug.

Anonymous said...

Gardens are so cool! We have one at our office this year, and it's going great - even the weeds! My dad bought a metal detector this year (to look for copper up north, he claims), but he and Caleb have had fun digging up the yard - so far they've found only nails, but fun none-the-less!
Sarah T.

Micmacker said...

I vote for option number two! And I don't know what was in your back yard, but in our back yard, when my husband dug a hole to plant the green cone, he ran into the old foundation of a stable. I forget why we know it was a stable, but that's our story. So he had to dig another humongous hole for the green cone.

Cindy said...

I like garden #2 also ... it looks like a labyrinth!

And let me give you a hand for your own big dig! Well done! Now you probably have some nice sore shoulders to go with those quads, eh? :)

Or maybe you're still young enough to do major yard work and not feel it!

It's never too late to plant something! :) Enjoy!

(oh, and I'm no help at all with the site, because I like this one too!)

AG Ambroult said...

you dug up all that stuff just from that bed? weird. You may want to consider digging for that elusive treasure box from my childhood. oh those gardens are beautiful! Someday, Tia. Someday.